What happens with poor time management?

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When you do not manage your time correctly your performance will be affected and you will not meet your goals.  

With poor time management, you will find that you waste time on tasks that are not essential and distractions will slow you down. Distractions can be many different things most of with could be controlled. As it gets worse, you will start to lose control of the project and maybe even fail in your tasks.

When you do not plan ahead and follow the plan, your efficiency will be poor and you will not get things done.  This will not only affect you but others in the team and the overall goals of the business. This will also put extra pressure on you and increase your stress levels which in turn will make you less productive.

Poor time management will also affect your personal life as being stressed and working longer hours will mean you have less rest time and a lower quality of personal life.

Finally, poor time management will affect your reputation and the reputation of the business with their clients which can mean a loss of future business from the client.