Improve your time management

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Now we are going to look at a few extra things you can do to improve your time management and get more work done.

Avoid hopping between tasks as it is often better to finish one task than move on to another.  This is not always possible but trying to do everything at once is not a good idea.

If you have similar tasks, group them together.  You may find that by grouping similar tasks you avoid repetition and get more done.

Keep records, task lists and plan your workload. Having something you can see and mark off as complete will help you know where you are with your tasks and it is good to tick tasks off as complete. Also, file any documents correctly so you know how to find them whether digital or paper.

Technology can help manage your time.  This can be as simple as a calendar or use programs and websites to plan your project and know where the whole team are with their tasks.

A quick phone call is sometimes quicker than an email as an email can take longer especially if you need to explain yourself or the reply is not what you were asking as they have mistaken what you wrote.

Keep paperwork to a minimum and avoid printing where you do not need to.

Working at home for a few days may be more productive than working at the office if it is allowed.  If you think it is a better option, ask your manager

Plan your day so you do the important or more difficult tasks when you are at your best.

Break tasks down into manageable chunks.

Consider putting your phone on do not disturb or a sign on your door so you do not have unnecessary interruptions.

There are lots of other things you can do to manage time better including sometimes telling people “no” or asking them to leave you alone.